We are fortunate to be living in these times. It is a time when ancient wisdom and lost histories are being revealed.

Humanity’s journey on planet Earth is far older and richer than most of us know. But thanks to an increasing number of visionaries, seers, researchers and scholars brave enough to delve beyond the mainstream, the truth of who we are, where we came from and where we are going is becoming clearer every day. We are waking up. The veil is being lifted.

My own personal awakening occurred in a number of stages. When I was a child, I was lucky enough to see a large, glowing object hovering in the sky above my suburban neighborhood. I knew from an early age that UFOs were real and that there was far more to our reality than what I was being told. In 1991, during a trip to England, I was introduced to the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail which would later garner fame when Dan Brown used it as the basis for his book The Da Vinci Code. While reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail, my mind began to open to the idea that human history has many secrets.

However, I was still somewhat of a kid back then, fresh out of college and eager to pursue my materialistic goals. The interconnectedness of global historical conspiracies, UFOs and spirituality took a back seat while I went on to live a very typical life. Then 9/11 happened. Reality didn’t just change for me … it was shattered. At first I struggled to figure out how the events I had witnessed made sense. How did the buildings turn to dust and blow away? 100 millions tons of steel, concrete and office furnishings simply disintegrated and disappeared.

These questions nagged at me while I was spoon fed the official story. I didn’t have any answers … but my eyes had been opened. My interest in conspiracies had returned. I began to search for the truth. After a number of very convincing Internet videos on the topic, I became certain that the New World Order conspiracy is real. After satisfying that question, I began asking bigger questions. I already knew that UFOs are real, so I asked why they are here. And soon, the floodgates of information were thrown wide open.

Ever since, my life has been consumed with reading as much as I can, learning as much as I can, growing and evolving as much as time allows. My goal is to put together the full story of Humanity’s journey on planet Earth. From, as Edgar Cayce terms it, the First Creation of 300,000 years ago, through our descent into darkness and extreme duality, on to our present situation and course. To know where we are going, we must know from whence we came.

I invite you to take this journey with me. It is a journey through the works of brilliant minds whose books are the substance of this blog. And along the way, we’ll learn a thing or two.

-Marc Star

  1. Hat tip to Umberto Eco for leading many of us to Baigent and Leigh. You were always an original thinker. Even Mal said so!

  2. Very cool my friend. Keep it up. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Mark, (thanks for liking my article btw)… I have just come to your site…. Instantly I know we are on the same wave. I love your mission – and it is one I share. Oh – I just realized I think we have talked before ? Forgive me if so ….. If you wanted to email – it would be good to reconnect – (Or connect if I am confused)…. Lindastrologer@gmail.com Cheers for now. L.

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