Holodomor: Ukraine’s Genocide


Ukraine’s Genocide

Holodomor is a visceral documentary that exposes the genocidal tactics used by the Bolsheviks against Ukrainians, the worst of which occurred during a 17-month period between the years 1931-32. Many millions of Ukrainians died as a result of Soviet collectivization and confiscation. The communist state basically stole from the Ukrainian people all of their farms and their property — reorganizing agricultural production into a less productive communal system, and then funneled the fruits of the peoples’ labor to the heart of Mother Russia. Eventually the Bolsheviks began going house to house in the Ukraine, as well, confiscating whatever grains the Ukrainian villagers managed to store, leaving the population at large to simply starve to death.

During the worst of it, the Ukrainian village streets were littered with dead bodies. People resorted to cannibalism. And when entire villages were wiped clean, the Soviets would send in Russian farmers to re-populate the towns.

One of the more stunning aspects of this genocidal program is how similar the Bolshevik tactic of alienating and dehumanizing the Ukrainians was to the Nazi tactic of alienating and dehumanizing the Jews during roughly the same period of time. And what’s even more striking is the resemblance of those same policies to the executive actions and legislation being enacted by our own government today to alienate and dehumanize those pegged as “enemy combatants.”

These similarities suggest something more than simple coincidence. It suggests that the ideological source of these population control programs — enforced by fascists, communists and capitalists alike — stems from a singular root.


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