I Won’t Be Voting for President in 2012, but I Might Be Voting in 2016 …

… if Jesse Ventura gets on the ballot.

Former Governor of Minnesota and former pro wrestler, Jesse Ventura likens the battle between Democrats and Republicans to pro wrestling where the opponents fight when the cameras are rolling, then go out together when the cameras are off.

“In Pro Wrestling, in front of the cameras, we all hate each other. Behind the scenes, it is a business,” says Mr. Ventura.

“And it’s the same way for them. It’s a sham.

In front of the cameras and the public, they hate each other and they are on different sides of the fences. Behind the scenes, they are going out to dinner together. They are ensuring their two-party dictatorship maintains its power.

There is no difference between these two. Don’t kid yourselves.”

Ventura also wants to make a constitutional amendment that states corporations are not people, he wants to get rid of the electoral college (“Because every vote has to count …”) and he intends to close American military bases around the world.

He says that if he can get enough grassroots support to get him on the ballot in all 50 states and into the debates, he’ll run in 2016.


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