Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are
by David Icke

“… we are hurtling towards, at least at the moment, a global centralised fascist/communist dictatorship in which the very few are dictating the increasingly fine details of the lives of the very many.” (p2)

David Icke is one of the most important researchers of our time. And though no one person has all the answers to our current human enigma, Icke is at the leading edge when it comes to connecting the dots of the Conspiracy and putting this entangled mess into a coherent perspective.

I’m not exactly sure when I first heard of Mr. Icke and his fantastic claims of a Reptilian Agenda that exerts its fascist influence over humanity, but it all seemed very fanciful until I stumbled upon one of his day-long lectures on YouTube entitled “Melbourne 2009.”

Icke’s presentation gripped me. I was glued to my computer for nearly 8 hours while he completely changed the way I look at reality. And once the old constraints of reality were shattered, the story that is the Conspiracy, the movie that’s being played out for us, suddenly made perfect sense.

Even the shape-shifting Reptilian Agenda is a plausible scenario. And I’ve gone through my own roller coaster ride of immediately recognizing the Reptilian influence as clearly true … to rebelling against it, insisting that it must be a disinformation campaign … and now I feel that I am firmly back in the camp of supporting Mr. David Icke and his work 100%. But I do so with a slight caveat, which I will get to at the end of this post.

Nevertheless, I can’t stress enough the importance of what Mr. David Icke has to say, particularly in books like his most recent, Remember Who You Are. It truly is time for humanity to wake up and David Icke is among those who are sounding the alarm. The question is: Will we keep hitting the snooze button until our dream world becomes a nightmare?

* * *

“I can see from today’s perspective that my life has been perfect right from the start as a preparation for what I came here to do.” (p15)

The Man Behind the Book

Mr. Icke has lived his life in the spotlight from the outset of his career — first as a professional football (soccer) player, then as a television newsman and finally as a politician for England’s Green Party, before being awakened through a series of highly influential spiritual experiences in early 1990.

The spiritual experiences Icke began having were initiated by disembodied entities who Icke refers to as “They”. Unfortunately, that is the extent to which “They” are identified. I would imagine that “They” are beings of Light, higher dimensional extraterrestrials that are charged with helping to wake up humanity from our veiled slumber. I would have liked to know that “They” identified themselves to Mr. Icke, but as far as this book details, “They” is all we get.

Regardless, “They” began channeling messages to Icke (either directly into his mind, or through psychic mediums) that identified him as something akin to a prophet. He was told, for instance, that:

“Knowledge will be put into his mind and at other times he will be led to knowledge.” (p9)

At the end of 1990, Icke finished writing his first book, Truth Vibrations, and in it he described reality as akin to frequency — an important topic that he continues detailing in his most current work.

“The body’s five senses and its entire genetic structure is a decoding system. It picks up frequencies within a certain very narrow band and we perceive that band as the world that we ‘live in’. But all the other ‘worlds’ and expressions of infinite existence are sharing the same space. We can’t see them because they are resonating to frequencies that the five senses cannot pick up, just as you can’t hear Radio 1 when you are tuned to Radio 2. I said all this on a British television programme in 1991, during a time of enormous ridicule for me, and, 17 years later, in 2008 the famous American physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, said the same, virtually word for word.” (p7)

(Icke’s claim of Kaku’s verbal plagiarism is true and can be seen on YouTube in a video called: “Michio Kaku Confirms Icke To Be Correct“)

Soon after Icke published Truth Vibrations, he became the laughing stock of England, thanks largely to a television interview on Terry Wogan’s BBC talk show “Wogan” in which Icke claimed to be the son of the “Godhead”. According to an interview Icke gave on British TV in the early ’90s, the majority of humanity are children of creator gods who themselves are descendants of the Godhead (or Prime Creator). During this explanation, Icke claimed that his spirit is not only directly descended from this primal Godhead — but that he is in direct communication with Prime Creator.

The British public and press mocked him relentlessly, interpreting his words to mean that he claimed to be the son of God, or the second coming of Jesus Christ. Icke, who had once been a respected public figure, said he couldn’t walk down the street without being laughed at. It was, as one can only imagine, truly a test of Icke’s will, and to his credit he carried on. Icke now refers to that time in his life as a necessary trial that forced him to shed any dependence or care of what the public might think of him. And now, fearless in the face of public response, Icke has been able to take his research into areas of what some might call extreme speculation. There was a time when I might have called Icke’s claim of a higher dimensional Reptilian influence on our planet extreme speculation. Now, however, I don’t. Icke, meanwhile, presses forward in the face of public skepticism with the courage and conviction that the story of humanity (and of our reality) which he has uncovered — the extremes of which, in particular — will prove in time to be vindicated.

* * *

“We cannot grasp what is happening in our lives or the world until we understand at least the themes and foundations of reality itself. What is ‘reality’? Who are we? Where are we? Where do we ‘come’ from?” (p24)


Thanks to the technological advancement of modern humanity we now have the terminology and reference points to describe reality more clearly to those of us in the West whose minds are dominated by left-brain conditioning. It’s becoming clearly apparent that the universe in which we live is an endlessly repeating fractal representation of itself (As Above, So Below), and we are able to see how our technological paradigm is an artificial microcosm of a multi-dimensional macrocosm.

“…we are living in a virtual-reality universe that we decode into (illusory) ‘physical’ form from an information construct that is the same in theme as the wireless Internet. The information is encoded in waveform or energetic vibration/resonance, and the mind-body is an incredibly advanced biological computer system which decodes that information and allows our Infinite Awareness to interact with this range of frequencies that we call the ‘world’.” (p26)

Our bodies are tuners much like a radio or television receiver and we are simply tuned into the frequency of this particular reality, decoding invisible waveform information via our five senses like a computer system decodes wireless Internet data into the virtual experience we call the World Wide Web.

Another very interesting point that suggests our reality is more of a subjective interpretation than concrete physical fact is the idea of hypnotism, and Icke provides some convincing examples of how the mind can be implanted with suggestions which then completely alter the way in which a hypnotized subject decodes reality. Icke tells a story of a hypnotized subject who was given instructions that when he was awakened from the trance he would not be able to see his own daughter. Once awakened, the subject not only couldn’t see his own daughter standing right in front of him, but he was able to see objects that his daughter was standing in front of. In other words, the subject was able to see right through her as if she wasn’t standing there at all. (The source of this story is from author Michael Talbot, who relates witnessing this experience is his book The Holographic Universe.)

“Humanity as a whole is being programmed to decode reality in the desired way – desired by the controllers – by having beliefs and perceptions implanted through ‘education’, the media, religion, doctors, scientists, politicians, and so on (p31) … This monopoly of the media by a few corporations, ultimately owned by the same families, is not primarily about money. It is about programming the perceptions of the population so that we perceive self and the world in the way that suits them and their aims.” (p45)

In other words, Icke suggests that the population at large is being subjected to mass mind control techniques. The vast majority of us are, to some extent, living in a trance of limited awareness.

[*Further explanations on the holographic nature of reality can be found in Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe and Lynne McTaggart’s The Field, both of which detail leading edge scientific research into our multi-dimensional waveform reality.]

* * *

“The Illuminati say in their own documents that the only danger to their plans is what they call ‘maverick people’; and truly maverick people are heart people. They are unpredictable, intuitive and inspired.” (p413-414)

The Conspiracy

Icke truly shines when he deconstructs reality into a matrix of vibrational information. Ultimately what he is doing is teaching spirituality to those of us in the West who are dominated by the left side of the brain. He is cracking open our minds to be able to see a more expansive view of reality. This is a necessary step for many of us if we are to understand the true nature of the Conspiracy, because the Conspiracy functions beyond the scope of normal everyday perception. Humanity in its current state is often described as being imprisoned in a cell without walls, a prison without bars. The Conspiracy achieves this state of control by working beyond the normal realms of perception.

“The ‘game’ is interactive and there is a constant interchange of information between ‘the game’ (the waveform construct, or Metaphysical Universe) and those experiencing the game — humans, non-humans of every conceivable kind, animals, trees, everyone and everything. We can play the game or be played by the game. We can live life or let life live us. It all depends on the level of awareness of the ‘player’. There is nothing malevolent about the ‘game’. It was created as a sort of cosmic vibrational theme park to allow the Infinite to experience itself through its infinite expressions. The ‘game’ was created with love, by the Infinite that is love: Infinite Love is the only truth — everything else is illusion.” (p133)

Most of humanity, unfortunately, is being played by those who understand the “game” in a far more sophisticated way. But as Icke deconstructs reality for us, we are being afforded the opportunity to understand how we are being manipulated.

The two key elements used by the Illuminati to advance the manipulation of humanity are what Icke calls Problem-Reaction-Solution and The Totalitarian Tiptoe.

* * *

“There are two mass mind and manipulation techniques that are vital to understand. I dubbed the first one a long time ago: ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’. I call the second the ‘Totalitarian Tiptoe’. They work in concert to advance Illuminati plans by justifying changes they want to impose while hiding the connections between world events.” (p175)

Problem-Reaction-Solution and The Totalitarian Tiptoe

We can clearly see what Icke terms Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS) in the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were the Problem. The public Reaction was fear and a desire for the government to respond in a heavy-handed way. The Solution was a new set of draconian laws (thanks in large part to the Patriot Act) that have served to shred this nation’s Constitution, empower a police state mentality, desensitize the population to invasive checkpoints and slowly strip us of civil rights that many in this country are only too willing to forfeit in exchange for what they feel is protection against future terrorist activity. Not to mention an endless series of wars which are uniting Western powers to trample through the Middle East.

Icke describes PRS like this:

“(1) You create a problem. It could be a terrorist attack, a financial crash or a war — whatever suits the outcome that you are looking for. You then blame someone or something else for the problem that you have covertly created. (2) You want a reaction of fear and ‘do something’ from the public when you tell them through an unquestioning lap-dog media the version of the problem that you want people to believe, and the repeater media reports your version of events as if it’s true. This could be that Osama bin Laden orchestrated 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan; or that swine flu is deadly and broke out on a pig farm in Mexico, when it didn’t affect a single pig worldwide. (3) You propose the solutions to the problems that you have created, and those solutions advance your transformation of the world.” (p175)

Once you become accustomed to this formula, you can almost see it being enacted on a daily basis. Once you understand how the Illuminati play the game, mainstream media news reports clearly reveal themselves for the propaganda that they truly are. And once the propaganda of the news media becomes clear, it becomes readily apparent that the manner in which all things are connected leads to an increasingly centralized global control structure.

One needs only to follow the money. Unfortunately, this money trail is not detailed in Remember Who You Are. But if we look at how every single nation in the world is beholden and hopelessly indebted to the global central banking system that culminates in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, it only takes a little bit of imagination to see how the pyramid-structure of global control begins to take shape. We are as a world increasingly under the thumb of banking dynasties with names like, among others, Rockefeller, Warburg and Rothschild.

“…the world needs to understand this. America, via the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, is owned by the Rothschild Zionist secret society. They own and control the banks that crashed the American (and world) economy and put Americans and vast numbers of others across the planet out of work and on the street; and they own the Federal Reserve cartel that bailed out the banks with stupendous amounts of credit ‘money’ which the American people will be paying back for generations, if indeed they ever do.” (p242)

I highly recommend a pair of documentaries that expose the central bank conspiracy throughout the history of America. These two documentaries, both produced by the brilliant Bill Still, clearly explain how this central banking system, epitomized by the Federal Reserve, have literally enslaved the globe in a web of debt. Please see The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz.

Up until this point in the story, Icke is largely working with confirmable data. Icke is far from the only person to be shedding light on a Conspiracy that has been gaining influence and power through many generations. He is, however, among the few that tie spirituality and a multi-dimensional reality into the fabric of this control matrix.

However, Icke does not stop there.

* * *

“There are Reptilian entities living inside the Earth that operate within visible light, as do the Greys, and there are many Reptilian bases underground where they interact with ‘human’ scientists to introduce enslaving and controlling technology on the surface and continue their genetic experimentation. The cutting edge of ‘science’ is not even close to what you see in the public domain. There are also bases on other frequency dimensions of the Earth, because the centre of the Reptilian power structure operates from frequencies beyond visible light. In other words, we can’t see them. They can come in and out of visible light using technology, and by energetic means, but they generally operate outside of human sight. I am sure that humans could see them when we had access to a much greater range of visual frequency, but since the genetic intervention we can’t see them unless they enter our frequency range.” (p. 88)

The Reptilians and the Saturn-Moon Matrix

Icke claims that the elite at the center of this control structure — the central bankers and the royal families throughout history — are genetically different than the rest of humanity. According to Icke, they aren’t entirely human. Rather they are human/reptilian hybrids who trace their history back to a higher dimensional reptilian race of extraterrestrials who invaded and took over the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. These reptilian ETs feed off of the negative energy produced by humanity’s fear and they exert their influence over the planet through the hybrid bloodlines. These hybrid bloodlines keep their reptilian genetics intact by incestuous intermarriage (generally by marrying cousins).

Icke claims that the ETs are responsible for disconnecting the majority of humanity’s DNA to keep us trapped in five-sense reality and thereby limiting the extent of our spiritual experience, disconnecting us from Source and ultimately trapping us in a prison without bars. (This conclusion seems to run parallel to Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretation of ancient Mesopotamian tablets that detail an extra-terrestrial intervention around 400,000 years ago that genetically altered humanity to its current physical form. I’m skeptical that an off-world reptilian race were the sole engineers of humanity in its current form. I am, however, certainly open to the idea that we were genetically modified at some point … but whether that modification came as the result of off-world ETs, or the churning energy fields of the Universe interacting with our DNA, or if it was the result of collective human intention, or a mixture of all that and more, I don’t yet have a firm answer.)

Icke continues that to further control the bounds of our perception, the reptilians broadcast certain frequencies from Saturn (via Saturn’s rings) which are picked up by the Moon and amplified to the Earth. These frequencies are, according to Icke, “blocking frequencies” which alter the organic, spiritual and loving frequencies broadcast by the center of the galaxy.

“[HAARP], together with GWEN-type technology on the ground, Smart Grids in the home and workplace, and so on, comprises a multi-level energetic defence shield to the Truth Vibrations. What was called the ‘Star Wars’ defence shield, created allegedly to stop incoming missiles, was primarily a front for establishing a planetary defence shield to block incoming information and awareness, and benevolent extraterrestrials/interdimensionals.” (p405)

Within the framework of the multi-dimensional reality that Icke cogently describes, the reptilians and their supposed Saturn-Moon matrix are entirely plausible, and Icke provides a litany of circumstantial evidence to support his claims. I am certainly not about to say that Icke is wrong, for there is clearly something sinister at work and there is plenty of historical and circumstantial evidence to support the claim that off-worlders have been playing significant roles during various stages of humanity’s development — through to current times.

* * *

“…I have long said that a Third World War is planned at some point involving China, Russia, Europe and North America with the trigger coming out of the Middle East through conflict involving Israel and Muslim states that will draw in the major powers.” (p277) … “…the plan is to devastate the major powers in the world – the United States, Europe, Russia and China – and then introduce their global structure of centralised dictatorship with a global army ‘to stop a world war ever happening again’.” (p298)

The Game Plan

The Conspiracy likes to spread disinformation to keep the general population off guard and unaware. If we know what the game plan is, if we are expecting it, my feeling is that the Plan becomes less and less likely to occur. Despite the fact that the psychotic murderous criminals who run the world refer to themselves as Illuminati, being exposed to the light is the last thing that they want.

Nevertheless, we also know that the so-called Illuminati prey off of humanity’s fear. Our fear allows them to proceed with what Icke insightfully refers to as Problem-Reaction-Solution and the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

With the preceding in mind, I am going to enumerate the Game Plan as Icke details it in Remember Who You Are. My purpose is not to induce fear, but rather to spread awareness of a possible scenario that we as a globally connected consciousness are increasingly preventing from occurring simply by waking up and exposing it. As more and more of us continue to live in an awakened state, the process by which the Game Plan proceeds becomes increasingly apparent and we become armed with an expanded view that allows us to proceed in constructive ways — instead of trance-like reactionary ways that only serve to propagate the Problem-Reaction-Solution methodology.

According to Icke, the Game Plan is:

  1. “They establish a vibrational defence shield to maintain the Earth’s atmosphere within frequency bands that will cause most of humanity to remain asleep.” (p406)
  2. “A Third World War is planned … involving China, Russia, Europe and North America with the trigger coming out of the Middle East” (p277)
  3. The President will declare a cyber-security emergency and “either close down or restrict any information network ‘in the interest of national security’… They plan to do this … when it is vital for them to stop information reaching the public to expose what they are doing.”(p373)
  4. “The major powers in the world – the United States, Europe, Russia and China” will be devastated” (p298)
  5. The Conspiracy will “then introduce their global structure of centralised dictatorship with a global army ‘to stop a world war ever happening again’.” (p298)
  6. “They are planning to project holograms into the sky to depict religious figures ‘returning’…An invasion by ‘aliens’, even whole ‘Planet Nibirus’, brown dwarfs, comets and other manifestations in the heavens and the sky can be projected holographically …If they announce a threat from an alien presence or invasion, don’t believe them.” (p403)
  7. The population will be reduced underneath a “jackboot structure of world government, world army, world central bank and single electronic currency.” (p266)
  8. Everybody will be “microchipped by law and connected to a global computer network and the Global Positioning System (GPS).” Children will be microchipped at birth. (p266)
  9. “They want control of all food production through a handful of corporations.” (p266)
  10. “The water supply is planned to be drugged.” (p266)
  11. “There would be compulsory vaccinations to devastate the human immune system.” (p266)
  12. “A Nazi-like global police state would be imposed in which views that oppose the official line would be banned.” (p266)
  13. “A surveillance system would ensure that no-one could do anything without the authorities knowing about it.” (p266)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these same themes are apparent in George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, two authors who are reported to have been privy to the machinations of this global cabal.

“Combine the two [Orwell and Huxley] and you have the major themes of what is planned, and much of what they say is clearly happening today. Were these remarkable examples of prophecy only a lucky guess? Oh, no. Orwell and Huxley knew what was coming — unless it was stopped.” (p267)

* * *

“We need people all over the world in every town, city, village and community to step forward as organisers of groups and gatherings of people willing to come together regularly — several times a week — to connect their energy fields and project love, peace and harmony into the atmosphere … I have called this project ‘Awakening the World — Every Heart Makes a Difference’.” (p409-410)

The Solution – Peaceful Non-Cooperation/Non-Compliance

We don’t have to acquiesce to the Game Plan — whether or not it is being controlled by reptilian hybrids and their multi-dimensional off-world overlords or simply by psychotic, murderous criminals who lack any sort of empathy for their fellow human beings. And Icke is completely correct when he calls for peaceful non-cooperation and non-compliance.

We simply have to stop participating in their game.

  • Turn off your TV. Or better yet, disconnect your cable box and return it.
  • Support local organic farmers and family-owned farms; buy the majority of your groceries from farmers markets. Avoid corporate-produced foods; avoid preservatives and any other questionable ingredients. A good rule of thumb is: if it’s not produced by nature, don’t consume it.
  • Start growing your own food in whatever fertile soil and available land you have.
  • Begin storing seeds from whatever locally grown heirloom and organic (non-GMO, non-hybrid) fruits and vegetables that pass through your own kitchen.
  • Remove your money from profit-driven commercial banks and use community-based credit unions.
  • USE CASH WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Stop using credit cards that give the banksters a percentage of every transaction you make.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Approach life from a heart perspective. Radiate LOVE.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.

If every single human on the planet were to suddenly stop what they were doing and instead radiated love to the planet at a single moment, our whole reality would change in an instant. We are that powerful.

Assuming, however, that a global mass heart-inspired consciousness event is unlikely to happen in the near future, Icke has an intermediate suggestion.

“Every day we bring people together at specific times for 20 minutes through the website to connect our hearts and minds, and focus love and heart coherence either on the planet in general or a specific place, person or event. We want tens of millions coming together as soon as possible — hundreds of millions eventually — and what a difference this will make to the world. We are diluting the energy of fear, anger, hatred and hostility and replacing it with love, peace and harmony — everything the Control System doesn’t want.” (p410)

* * *


Whether this is your first time being introduced to Mr. Icke or whether you’ve read every single one of his books since he first started publishing in the early ’90s, you have likely by this time formulated your own opinion on the man and the information he conveys. Whatever your conclusion is, I’m confident that it is valid for you.

My opinion on the Reptilian matter has fluctuated for two main reason. First, the idea that humanity’s problems are a result of off-world beings from beyond our perceptive dimension seems to remove responsibility, in a sense, from humanity for the suicidal, planet-destroying course we’ve taken. Instead, we are just pawns in the Dark Side’s game. And secondly, I have had a hard time swallowing the idea that the Dark Side could ever out-influence the Light — despite the reality of today’s world. Perhaps it has just been a more comfortable idea for me to conclude that humanity, as a result of being so severely separated from Divine Source, has simply chosen to take this course out of self-serving greed and a Lord of the Flies mentality.

However, as my research into the realm of multi-dimensional spirituality continues, I now firmly believe that there exists a myriad of benevolent ET beings from a whole host of distant star systems who have taken a vested interest in Earth during this time of Earth’s dimensional shift (aka the 2012 Transformation). These beings deliver their messages to humanity via channels (like Gina Lake, Patricia Cori, Patricia Pereira and many others) in order to help those who choose to ascend with Earth during this dimensional transformation. These beings are uplifted by the love and positive vibrations that humans emanate.

And since we live in a world of duality, then the converse of that must also be true. There must be malevolent entities who instead are nourished by the fear and negative vibrations generated by humans who are trapped in self-defeating modes of thought. I can then imagine that these entities, as Icke describes, have the ability to possess the host bodies offered to them during Illuminati ceremonies. This is a plausible scenario, in my opinion, to describe the hybrid human/reptilian beings that Mr. Icke claims are at the center of our global control structure.

Mr. Icke does a wonderful job of detailing the global control structure – although from a personal standpoint, I would certainly have appreciated referenced and sourced footnotes to accompany the research in this book. My only real caveat is this: the picture that Mr. Icke brilliantly paints lacks one crucial element – the forces of Light that are acting on humanity’s behalf. The Reptilian story is not the whole story. In my opinion, the Reptilians are simply parasites feeding on their host. There does seem to be, however, many levels of reality beyond which the Reptilians can operate — because self-serving entities can only evolve so far in our multi-dimensional matrix. Beyond the dimensions within which the Reptilians operate, there exists higher dimensional entities who are dedicated to “Service to Others.” Some of these “Service to Others” entities have been involved with planet Earth since long before the Reptilians arrived here, and their story is equally as important.

Nevertheless, in order to truly understand what is occurring on the ground, right here and right now, Remember Who You Are is a must read.

* * *

ADDENDUM – 10/19/2012

I feel that I need to add a slight note after giving the Reptilian topic some more consideration. I don’t know that the negative entities that may exist at the heart of our global control structure are Reptilians. I don’t know what physical form they assume, if any — or, perhaps, they assume more than one. At this point in time, I don’t know.

We will definitely be delving further into this topic as this blog continues.


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  1. Brilliant synopsis of David’s work. And say we do move into a new Golden Age, lets hope there is the technology available to clean up all the pollution in the earth and sky and most worryingly of all, the radiation from Fukushima. But here’s a question, why would the Illuminate deliberately pollute the same atmosphere we all breathe?

    • Thank you for the kind words. And you pose a great question to which I can only guess at the answer. If the so-called Illuminati at the top of the control structure pyramid are, in fact, possessed by these 4th dimension “service to self” negative entities that we term the Reptilians, it is quite possible that the Illuminati are simply acting out the will of these entities. And if we think of these reptilian entities as parasites, then perhaps we are simply seeing a typical parasite/host relationship being played out in which the host acts in ways that benefit the parasite, even though those actions are harmful to the host.

  2. I agree, simply brilliant. Has anyone considered that these ‘illuminati’ have access to another ‘of world’ site via a portal and that is why they don’t care about this one. If yo haven’t watched the series ‘Fringe’ then that’s a good start… it could be closer to the truth than we think. Looking forward to seeing David in his element in Wembley Arena in October…front row folks!! Figh on.

    • Thank you. It’s quite possible that the Reptilian entities aim to poison the Earth to such an overwhelming extent that the planet itself will be too burdened by negativity to be able to ascend through the 2012 transformation; or that the Earth will have to undergo devastating, cataclysmic changes to shake off its negatively-influenced human wards. All of this leaves a human population gripped in fear and low vibrational states – with death and catastrophe all around us … ultimately preventing the majority of humanity from ascending with the planet. Those who don’t ascend, perhaps, will be trapped in the same karmic cycle that the Reptilians will inevitably be trapped in as well – since the negatively polarized Reptilians will most certainly not be able to ascend into the future Golden Age. Perhaps their hope is to trap as many of us in a negative state so that we remain with them, chained to them and enslaved in a state of limited perception for another 26,000-year precession of the equinox cycle.

      But that’s not really the way I see things playing out. Here is the future that I imagine:

      After we cross the 2012 threshold, the veil between 3rd/4th/5th dimensional realities gets thinner and thinner. The global population gradually becomes more telepathic/empathic/intuitive as a result. Those who have been working on themselves spiritually to heal and cleanse themselves will progress more rapidly … but overall, we all begin to see things more clearly. As a result, more and more people begin to be able to see through the lies – politics, industry, media, education, medicine, law … all of it. And as more and more people begin to be able to see through the lies, as time goes by, it gets harder and harder for those in control to lie to us.

      As a result, the global control structure crumbles. Humanity takes responsibility for itself. We stop looking towards others (the government, medical community, police, lawyers, agribusiness, etc) to do for us what we will do for ourselves via our own local communities. We take responsibility. And perhaps … as our third eyes begin to open, and we are able to see the Reptilians for who they are … face to face … perhaps we will be the ones who help them balance out their karma. Perhaps, ultimately, in the end, we save them.

      • “Perhaps, ultimately, in the end, we save them” what a beautiful sentiment, this resonates as truth with me very strongly and provides alot of resolution

  3. It’s totally untrue that David Icke has failed to acknowledge that there are higher dimensional entities that are helping to free the earth from the reptilians and their minions. He has referred to these beings many times in recent interviews, and he also mentions them at the end of Remember Who You Are. He does insist, however, that we can’t just leave it to the “service to others” lightworkers to shoulder the whole load in the liberation process. David Icke would not be so incredibly on target if he were oblivious of the benevolent forces that are assisting humanity.

    • Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. I wasn’t exactly saying that Mr. Icke fails to acknowledge the existence of benevolent entities … but I do feel that the role these “service to others” entities are playing in our current Earth drama is significant. I agree that the work of benevolent entities shouldn’t and won’t supplant the roles that we have to play in this drama. This is our mess and it’s our responsibility to clean it up.

      Perhaps it’s not Mr. Icke’s job at all to tell the story of these benevolent entities. Perhaps that job is on the shoulders of others … who are doing it.

      It just seems to me that when painting the current paradigm with as much brilliant detail as Mr. Icke does, perhaps our allies in the multi-dimensional realms deserve more than a couple of passing mentions in the final chapter. That’s simply my feeling. As much as I love and respect Mr. Icke and his work, it does feel to me that the story he tells in this latest work is missing something incredibly empowering: that we are connected on many levels to benevolent beings throughout the cosmos who want to aid us through these transformative times.

      That is simply my one small caveat (as it pertains to this particular book) amidst an overwhelming amount of support for Mr. Icke and his enlightening work.

  4. Excellent review. David is indeed the foremost researcher of the control grid and presents the clearest, most comprehensive perspective of our common dilemma. And without a valid spiritual orientation included in such a presentation, as David does, it remains incomplete.
    The positive ETs continually monitor and protect this planet and it’s inhabitants but will not physically intervene (except, perhaps, to prevent annihilation) while the negative ETs challenge humanity to reclaim our freedom. We need courageous, insightful souls such as Icke to guide us through these treacherous times…..

  5. Wonderful summary of David and his work – thank you. I have followed him for many years, and heard him live as well (I live in New Zealand, so it is a rare treat)…. Only yesterday I met a man- originally from Syria – who, like us, is ‘on the same wave’….. HIS take on the cabal/elite was interesting. When I commented that they were ‘evil’ – he said ‘no’…. and went on to explain that they simply have a plan for the continuation of the human species -which, necessarily, involves depopulation. They are employing many means to this end – and WWIII is part of the agenda, as was WWI and WWII. But, I said, they clearly have no empathy, no compassion (right out of David’s material) – and his response was that – once you have killed, it is easy to do it again… in other words, they are desensitised to inflicting pain, murder, etc….. Woe. We didn’t have time to go into the reptilian thing – but he did cause me to think again – about who, what and why, those in control are doing what they are doing. He believes they are strategically working towards humanity surviving on this planet – the implication being, we couldn’t or wouldn’t, with the current population – the planet lacks the resources. I’m not so sure tho’…… The agenda does seem darker to me. Perhaps I am influenced by David’s work…. Just thought I’d share that…

    • Thank you for the kind words. I can understand how the man to whom you refer might sympathize with the self-imposed responsibilities the “World Management Team” has elected to carry out on behalf of the rest of the world. But while he may understand the expanded reality that David Icke teaches, I think he sympathizes with the controllers’ perspective too much. That perspective teaches us that we live in a world of limited resources, that time is running out, there are too many people and that the global population can not act responsibly enough to live in harmony with the planet.

      But the truth is we live in a Universe of infinite potential and our planet has more than enough resources to provide for us when we live in harmony with it. Unfortunately, the controllers keep us in a planet-destroying addiction to oil; they lie to us about alternative means of energy generation and suppress (and keep for themselves) the groundbreaking technologies of inventors, engineers and scientists who have already proven that free energy exists; they keep us dumbed down in education systems that reward obedience over creativity; and so on.

      I would agree, however, that the Syrian man is correct when he seems to suggest that evil is more of a perspective than a concrete fact. The World Management Team likely thinks that their actions are in the best interest of humanity. But for those on the other side of those actions (for instance, those being bombed and murdered in the Middle East by Western military powers; or all of us who are being sprayed by chemtrails), those behind the control structure are, at best, ill advised.

      Nevertheless, the “Controllers” are a part of us. From my perspective, they are a darker side of us. And our real challenge for the future is to truly become One. In order to do so, we will have to face that darker side, understand them, understand their actions and ultimately absorb them. But before we can absorb the Dark side of humanity, the Light side of humanity will have to become more powerful than the Dark. It feels like we are currently at a crossroads … a critical juncture … a tipping point, perhaps, when the forces of Light are going to reach that threshold moment. Despite the overwhelming negativity reported by the mainstream media, the world is waking up.

      There are many out there who are afraid we are approaching a doomsday scenario. I’m confident, however, that we are on the verge of being part of something beautiful.

    • Your delusional and cite no explmae. Liberals still to this day make claims of Ronald Reagan’s October Surprise (claims that the Reagan campaign had made a secret deal with the Iranian government whereby the Iranians would hold the hostages until after Reagan was elected and inaugurated.) Also, that George W. Bush knew about and planned the 9/11 attack.

  6. Thank you for your comprehensive review of ‘Remember Who You Are’, it has been my prompt to order the book, which I am eagerly awaiting. However helpful it was to read the review and most readers’ comments, Linda Astrologer’s post was extremely disturbing. The Syrian person described as being on the ‘same wave’ seems to be anything but, and Linda would be safer to avoid his insidious influence. He seems to operate along the same lines as TPTB agenda, able to subtly subvert ideas until it becomes acceptable (for instance) to desecrate our food with GM modification on the grounds of providing health/increased production benefits.
    How can any son of Syria witness what is happening in his mother country and think the western government backed agitation there is not a crying shame, that the suffering of these lovely hospitable people is not an outrage against humanity? David Icke’s website has sought to expose the real situation in Syria – innocent men, women and children murdered in cold blood by foreign intruders.
    Surely someone who acts as an apologist for the actions of the Elite must be in on the game, To justify all the atrocious acts (like world wars) on the grounds of a population cull to save mankind and the planet, is to justify torture, starvation, poisoning, and every kind of abuse. David Icke has tirelessly campaigned against it, and urges everyone to do so through peaceful non-cooperation and non-compliance. The choice forced upon Sophie in the film ‘sophie’s Choice’ has preyed on my mind for years, Faced with having to choose which child to save and which to sacrifice on the orders of a murderous tyrant, my choice would be for all to die together rather than live under these circumstances. We are going to be facing this choice soon if we allow people such as that man to persuade us that the PTB agenda is for our own good. My choice would be either resist together and win, or die in the attempt together. As normal human beings, to accept outrage against any of our fellows is to lose our humanity.

    • I’m honored that my review has prompted you to buy Mr. Icke’s book. His life’s work has been an enormous influence on my own research.

      I wouldn’t necessarily assume, however, that the Syrian man is in on the game. Perhaps he identifies more with the powers that be than he does with the average person on the street and, as such, he is under the spell of the overwhelming brainwashing and mind-programming that we’re assaulted with on a daily basis. My own parents would fall into that same category and I nevertheless love them very much … unconditionally.

      I’m confident that the success of our future will rely heavily on extending that same sort of unconditional love to all of humanity … even to those who have brought so much pain to the world.

      Can we do it? I hope so.

    • england’s tony blair & gordon brown were bhenid worldwide economic crisis that their uk government started in begining of 2008. uk is a fully responsible for the crashing of Euro because they dont like any others apart from themselves and born bred liers, divide, rule & destroy merchants, and fully and total rude natured by their makeups and ideologies ever since it came into existence on this planet and rule 99.999 percent of the earth and still are doing it by covert and overt means, wars, mass genocides, and taking other countries under their controls and dominations by their anglosexon-masonic ultra-extreme mind, soul and bodied peoples that they going to start nuclearworldwidewar by their governmental agencies of MI6, MI5, MI4, MI3, MI2, MI1, SAS, by staging a nukestrike at 2012 main olympic site which they planned in 2003 and shown it to their anglosexon publics through BBC under their TV serial called “Spooks – Code-9” and result will kill some ten thousand people of various nationalities which will create a loop hole to start nukewar beginning by destroying iran first and as the war expands to other nearby countries and eventually to a full blown worldwidenuke war whose sole responsibility lies at heart of london english government.

  7. It’s a comedic rieelf, and it also gives us permission to de-humanize the figures we don’t agree with.So to a Liberal Cheney is the likeliest candidate for a Reptilian suspect, whereas a Conservative would point his finger to Obama.It also separates us from politicians even further. Not only do we dislike them, and think they are all corrupt and self-serving, but now they are not even part of our own species!That last part makes me suspect that the Reptilian mythos is the first visible sign of huge rift in our horizon. A huge Paradigm shift in our social system.

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