Occupy Bilderberg Exposes the Cabal

In the 1970s, independent journalist Jim Tucker began covering the annual Bilderberg meeting – an ultra-secretive, highly guarded meeting of the global heads of finance, industry, media and politics. In 2005, independent investigator Daniel Estulin published his first book detailing the inner workings of the Bilderberg group and their annual meeting. In 2006, internet radio host Alex Jones began showing up at the Bilderberg meetings with a megaphone and started raising hell – right there on the spot.

This year, we witnessed the biggest ever protest at a Bilderberg meeting thanks to Occupy Bilderberg – and this video is a half-hour testament to how far the public outcry has reached. Those who attend Bilderberg no longer do so in the shadows. People like Jones, Estulin, Tucker and high profile upstarts like We Are Change’s Luke Radkowski and Russia Today’s Abby Martin are exposing the Bilderberg attendees.

The Bilderberg agenda, however, is still a secret. And its organization still maintains a high degree of secrecy.

But what is apparent is this. These heads of state, heads of industry, heads of finance and heads of industry meet once a year and are either guided towards a particular agenda or discuss the agenda which they then execute over the course of the next year.

Occupy Bilderberg is an example of the people standing up and saying, “No more.” This is truly the zeitgeist of the times.


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